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About SJR Designer

SJR Designer is a designer and streetwear clothing brand that sells high quality branded and graphic t-shirts. With 100% cotton and a light weight fabric our shirts are optimized for comfort and style. New releases come out every 2 weeks, with new designs and styles you can choose from to match with your outfits and add to your collection. 50% of our profits goes to charity at the end of each month, part of SJR Designers mission is to help out as much as possible by giving back and supporting communities and charities that need it the most by aiding them with essential resources.


Our vision is to give back and donate to charity every month in an effort to support and help out as much as possible to improve peoples lives and make an impact.


Our mission is to donate over
$1,000,000 to charity in total, and to continue to raise as much as possible to help and support those who need
it most.


We value our community and connection. We value giving back to charity and supporting people in less fortunate situations. who are under aided and under resourced.
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